101 Mergansers, 80+ Degrees

10 Jun

[Congratulations to everyone who chose “All the Above” in the previous poll.  Lynx and bobcats both have medium sizes, bobbed tails, tufted ears, the lynx genus and a habitat on the US-Canada border.  So how can one tell them apart?  I have no idea!]

Blue Lake was positively jumping this weekend with scorching 80+ degree temperatures and lots of folks out on the water.  A pontoon boat full of dudes took a slow cruise around the lake on Saturday, with the fellers casting their lines off the craft and appearing very chill…

Dudes Fishing

A waterskier took great advantage of calm, glassy waters just before sundown to create a great spray…

Watersking Before Sundown

The warm night yielded an excellent sunset.  Folks on the northern side have the best view…

Sunset O’er Blue Lake

Blue Lake Sundown – West from the Tunnel

Notice new Loon Alert signs on the lake…

Watch Out for Loons on Blue Lake!

And a new House…

New House on Blue Lake – Near the Channel

Keep your eye out, also, for the mother of all merganser flocks which has been spotted all around Blue Lake.  The flock includes a mother and 20 SURVIVING BABIES!

Merganser with 20 Babies


3 Responses to “101 Mergansers, 80+ Degrees”

  1. Brian Colianni June 10, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Thanks to the Provost for giving me my “Blue Lake fix” from half a world away.

  2. geetar mama June 10, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    I can hear the lake calling me!


  1. July Recap « Blue Lake Free Press - August 4, 2012

    […] Camp Agawak at the end of the month.  Birds-a-plenty still flock about Blue Lake, but, sadly, the 20-strong merganser gaggle is down to just 1 member.  Blue Lake Pines Road experienced dog-at-large issues in July, an […]

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