Monster Storm Rips Through BLMA

24 Jun

Power Out – Trees Down

Blue Lake endured a torrential lashing from a powerful storm tearing through the area Wednesday evening.  Hot, near 90-degree temperatures that stifled the BLMA for most of the week clashed with a cooler, mega-rainy front that decimated Duluth earlier in the day.  At 5:00 p.m. skies looked an awful lot like doomsday as huge thunderheads wildly churned in an ominous skyward caldron.  Area residents hustled to lock themselves and their goods down as fierce winds snapped trees in half and the nimbi unleashed rain so powerful it broke through window seals and poured off of roofs in a Niagara Falls effect.  Gauges around Blue Lake put rain accumulation totals at 2.5 inches in 1.5 hours.

Blue Lake Point Road sustained great battery with rushing straight-line winds breaking huge trees like matchsticks, turning driveways into timber mazes, and decimating fortified garages.  At 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning, residents on Hacker Drive lost complete power.  Initial calls to the utility company’s headquarters in Rhinelander yielded vague replies confirming critical area power failures, which one resident called [hogwash], as the problem seemed observable on Hacker Drive only.  Calls every hour yielded technicians to investigate the area 12 hours after the outage.  A tree fallen on a power line at the end of Hacker Drive proved to be the cause of the outage.  Power to Hacker Drive residences was restored shortly thereafter.  The outage was the longest in recent memory.

Super awesome weather – mid 70’s and sunny – provided excellent incentives for chainsaw-wielding folks to hurry up with storm cleanup and enjoy lakeside delights.  Camp Agawak, now in session, seemed particularly joyous Friday with plentiful water sports, bell-tolling, and happy hollering.  Camp Agawak is in session until August 8th.

After the Blue Lake Storm


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