New Subdivision Planned for the BLMA

21 Aug

Put on your hardhats because it’s full steam ahead for a new subdivision taking root in the BLMA, and construction on its new 30-f0ot-wide road begins tomorrow.  At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the Minocqua Town Board pored over, and approved, a preliminary lot survey concerning the Three Mile Creek Subdivision for Pristine Waters Preserve, LLC, the new owners of the upcoming subdivision set to settle off of Blue Lake Road, near Blue Lake Pines Road and Blue Lake Cove Road.

Three Mile Creek Subdivison proposed location: W 1/2 of the Fractional N 1/2 of the NW 1/4, Section 5, T38N, R6E, PIN# HA 40-1, Town of Hazelhurst AND the SW SW and NW SW, Section 32, T39N, R6E, PIN# MI 2466 & Mi 2467, Town of Minocqua (Click for larger picture.)

Supervisor Billy Fried, of Blue Lake, wondered how the subdivision settlement fit into the town’s Land Use Plan, which the board reportedly is trying to adhere to in a greater capacity.  Chairman Mark Hartzheim noted that the land is zoned rural residential, and therefore conforms to the Land Use Plan.

Hartzheim further asserted that the board can’t be “big brother to landowners” and that the local government should not interfere with the market by preventing the development of the subdivision.  “It’s a market-driven issue, not a government-driven one,” Hartzheim stated.  The subdivision is argued to fulfill a hole in the marketplace by offering lots with $21,000 price tags, something not provided by Kozey’s Sutton Road development, for example.  Discussions moved toward the need for more subdivisions in Minocqua, when there’s so many empty lots already.  Board members mentioned that Timber Ridge remained grossly underpopulated for 30 years after its inception.  John Thompson likened his feelings of the proposed subdivision to his feelings about the development of the Super Walmart, “I don’t care.”  For Thompson, the issue seemed predominantly about the right of landowners to do what they want with their land, within the confines of the law.

The board made one thing clear: Minocqua will not bear the financial burden of creating or paving a road into the subdivision.  Per the proposal, the road will be built to town specifications and paved by the developer about a year after its creation.  Minocqua will then adopt it as a town road, and bear the responsibility for maintaining it.

Per regulations, if a road services more than 8 lots, it has to be a town road and not a private road.  The proposed road would be a class F highway.

First development steps include stump clearing, followed by stump burning and ash burying this winter.  As talks about the evolution of the proposed settlement progressed, Sue Heil seemed displeased that the meeting was dragging on, nearing the 45-minute mark.  Town employees and board members reminisced about the days when the board would just immediately adopt the town planning commission’s recommendation and move on.

Because the land encompasses a county plat, the Oneida County Planning Committee will review the development at their upcoming meeting on September 5th.


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