Fall So Far

21 Oct

Fall so far has been… short, and not just because of the dwindling daylight hours, which have cause more than one BLMA resident to wake up with the alarm to black skies, and say, what the hey!?  A strange cold-warm-cold combo mixed it up in the Northwoods in September, seeming to accelerate the peaking of fall colors.  The colors were most brilliant in mid-to-late September, with amazing foliage for mid-month’s Tomahawk Fall Ride followed by heavy leaf droppage over September 29th weekend, just in time to give Beef-A-Rama herds basking in 70-degree temps and 2,000 pounds of beef one of the most picture-perfect events ever recorded.

Blue Lake Road in late September

Leaves Soon Falling

Attack of the TP Tornado

Beef-A-Rama weekend was also homecoming weekend at LUHS, and the brilliance of all things autumn put kids in an overly spirited mood, resulting in some toilet-papered houses in the BLMA.  A vacation home in the Agawak region of Blue Lake was hit particularly hard in a TP tornado complete with a petroleum-jellied mailbox.  The house is presumed to have been mistaken to be the home of a full-time resident, as a popular year-round local lives nearby.

By early October, only a few leaves remained blowing high in the treetops, bumming out some folks who make annual pilgrimages to the Northwoods specifically during this time to behold fall’s vibrant beauty.  Frigid, rainy conditions settled over Blue Lake for the first few weeks of October, with unwelcome snow falling on October 6th.

October 6th – a few miles north of Minocqua

Bear Tree

Lots of camouflage mixed with florescent synthetics have been spotted in the BLMA forests as hunters prowl for choice game.  Word in the woods is that a tree in a felled  area near southwest Blue Lake shows evidence of rambunctious bear activity.  Its bark is deeply etched with claw marks.  Has anybody else seen other trees in the BLMA that have been clawed with bears?

A Break In The Clouds

Piers have been pulled in around the lake and the waters are now quiet.  The crows are cawing a little more loudly now and the small creatures rustle through fading leaves on the forest floor, collecting nuts with unfaltering determination in the increasingly cold days.  With the dense cloud cover and chilly drizzling that has befallen Blue Lake this past month, my heart nearly jumped a mile when I peered out my window yesterday and saw Blue Lake shining brightly, a glorious sapphire mirror reflecting more magnificence than the imagination could ever dream.  I immediately grabbed a paddle, jumped into a canoe filled with oak leaves and acorns, got my bearings, and snapped some photos…

Blue Lake Reflections #1

Blue Lake Reflections #2

Blue Lake Reflections #3

Blue Lake Reflections #4

Blue Lake Reflections #5

P.S. I put my hand in the water and while it was very cold, it’s going to be a while yet before it freezes.


3 Responses to “Fall So Far”

  1. Greg Anastos October 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Peggy Jordan October 22, 2012 at 4:28 am #

    What a beautiful news letter!
    Lots of interesting information and your pictures are beautiful!
    I enjoy reading your news letters and seeing what is going on there.
    Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
    Peggy Jordan


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! « Blue Lake Free Press - November 23, 2012

    […] to make sure those boats are in a safe winter storage!  I will, however, kid the 2 people who voted that the lake would freeze before Thanksgiving.  Folks, the big basin isn’t even close, not even with ice skims spotted in swamps and ponds […]

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