Happy Thanksgiving!

23 Nov

Wishing all Blue Lakers near and far a very happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for both this:

Blue Lake, Thanksgiving Day, Air Temperature 59 degrees F

And this:

Cabin on Blue Lake, Day After Thanksgiving, Air Temp 22 degrees F

Those captions are correct!  Thanksgiving was a beautiful, balmy day reaching near 60 degrees F.  I was all set to predict that ol’ Blue wouldn’t be freezing anytime soon.  And then, a few hours later, it began to snow… and snow… and snow…  While this isn’t the first notable accumulation on the ground and streets (Election Day earns that distinction), I do believe it is so far the coldest.  Brr… it is well past the point to put the shovel back in the trunk and plan for icy conditions and drifting snow banks!

Reader S.A. reports:

Nov 3rd.  Last pontoon ride!  5 fisherman and we made it through the tunnel and the narrows!! (no fish to weigh us down).  Tunnel measurement appears to be about 14″ below the normal water mark.  Probably has gone down some since.

…and I was juuuust about to send a chiding reply about putting up the boat so early when there was such great boating weather to come!  But once again, the experts have won out and I am in agreement that ’tis the season to make sure those boats are in a safe winter storage!  I will, however, kid the 2 people who voted that the lake would freeze before Thanksgiving.  Folks, the big basin isn’t even close, not even with ice skims spotted in swamps and ponds at the end of October.  But if this cold, cold, coldness keeps it up, fingers crossed, we’ll have ice skating by Christmas!


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