It’s Going To Be A White Christmas!

23 Dec

Seeing Snow and Making Ice

Snowy Dock on Blue Lake (looking west)

Snowy Dock on Blue Lake (looking west)

A respectable snow storm blew through the Blue Lake last week, dumping a few inches of much-anticipated snow on the area and creating a magical winter wonderland just ahead of the Christmas holiday.  Snow plow drivers came out in full force for the first plow of the season, and area business owners breathed sighs of relief that at last the bare grounds of Minocqua gave way to tourist-attracting snow banks. Temperatures dipping into overnight zeroes and morning single-digits delighted fishermen who’ve been eagerly waiting for ice thicknesses to reach workable limits to roll those ice shacks out on the lake.

Canine tracks had been spotted prancing about Blue Lake for well over a week, and folks around Blue Lake have reported seeing ice skaters trying out the lake’s ice condition. This morning, I spotted what appeared to be snowmobile tracks and ice fishing holes on the lake.  I walked around the southwestern shore and the ice seemed pretty solid.  But no matter the thickness, I am still very wary of the late ice over this season and have also seen evidence of warm springs heavily slushing up areas around the lake.

Has anyone been cross-country skiing on the lake yet?

Blue Lake Winter Wonderland 1

Blue Lake Winter Wonderland 1 (big basin, looking north)

Snowy 3 3

Blue Lake Winter Wonderland 2 (big basin, looking north)

Snowy 4 4

Blue Lake Winter Wonderland 3 (big basin, looking northeast)

Snowy 5 5

Blue Lake Winter Wonderland 4 (big basin, looking east to island)


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