Summer Has Arrived!

1 Jul

Quick, before you miss it, it’s SUMMER in Northern Wisconsin. After weeks upon weeks of cold and rainy weather (which I suppose qualifies as “spring” around these parts), impeccably sunshine has finally arrived for July.   Camp Agawak is in full-swing now with sounds of lively campers and the hustle and bustle of adolescence  resounding from northern Blue Lake.  Plenty of folks have their pontoons afloat and the season of sunset cruises has begun.  Despite ice-cold waters (a neighbor claims the lake is 72 degrees but I am doubtful), waterskiers and tubers have wasted no time in making the most out of Blue Lake’s unfrozen glory.

Beautiful Blue Lake (07/01/13)

Beautiful Blue Lake (looking east, 07/01/13)

Lovely evening on Blue Lake (06/30/13)

Lovely evening on Blue Lake (looking at Agawak, 06/30/13)

 Water Flowing Through Outlet

 And while summer is here (hopefully to stay), lake residents will notice some interesting effects of a very wet spring.  For the first time in about a decade, water is now flowing out of Blue Lake’s outlet.  Water began trickling out of the outlet in early June, and now there is a veritable creek carrying Blue Lake’s overflow to swampy pastures, just like the good ol’ days.

Water flowing through Blue Lake outlet

Water flowing through Blue Lake outlet

Water flowing out of Blue Lake

Water flowing out of Blue Lake

 An extended winter and super-short spring has also created a puzzle of what berries are going to be ready when. Northwoods locals are reporting blueberry bushes lacking flowers (a bad sign for a delicious crop, or any crop at all) and strawberries just coming into season (a few weeks later than normal). No word yet on raspberries or my favorite fruit, blackberries. I am inclined to think that a cooler season will make apples extra-delicious this fall.

Unstoppable Wildlife

Despite a topsy-turvy season, wildlife has flocked back to Blue Lake.  Eagles have once again returned to the aerie above the red boathouse and a new generation of eaglets are a’squawk in the nest.  Back in Blue Lake’s waters, a loon has been cruising around the lake carefully carrying its new baby on its back.  Check the southern lake shores around dusk to see an otter swimming to and fro.

 Lightning Strikes Again

Blue lake’s outlet isn’t the only outlet that’s seen action this past month.  A bolt of lightning from a powerful thunderstorm hit a tree on northwest Blue Lake, decimated a power box from a nearby house, blew out all the house’s outlets and singed the house’s curtains.  Amazingly, the house still stands, unburned.  In another storm in June, lightning hit close to Blue Lake Pines and wreaked havoc on their internet connection.  These two lightning strikes are part of at least four (two on Hacker Drive, one on Blue Lake Pines Road, and one on Blue Lake Point Road) that have electrified Blue Lake over the last three years.

Tree struck by lightning (northwest Blue Lake)

Tree struck by lightning (northwest Blue Lake, click on picture for larger view)

Another view of the tree struck by lightning (northwest Blue Lake)

Another view of the tree struck by lightning (northwest Blue Lake, click on picture for larger view)

Love is in the Air

 Fair weather or foul, Blue Lake has once again proven an excellent place to get hitched. Blue Lake Pines hosted a wedding a few weeks ago, which saw a lucky couple serendipitously take advantage of 12 hours of nice skies amongst days of dreariness for an outdoor wedding picnic catered by Charlie’s Cheese. Best wishes to the new couple!


As summer slips on in dazzling greens and blues, keep these dates in mind:

  • July 4th – Pontoon Parade @ 11:00 AM (decorate your boat and meet up near the bridge for a parade around the lake.) Special request: Folks on the western part of Blue Lake are interested in seeing the parade too!  Don’t zoom by so fast this year so we can appreciate all the great decorations!
  • July 6th – BLPA Picnic @ Yawkey Park in Hazelhurst from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Greetings from Blue Lake

Greetings from Blue Lake


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