A Glitch In Summer

14 Aug

The broiling, code-red days of June abruptly left the Blue Lake Metropolitan Area in July, leaving residents and vacationers with chilly, rainy temps reminiscent of late fall.  Bright, sunny days were few and far between, as Blue Lakers scrambled for long-sleeved fleece wraps and watched in bewilderment as red-tinged leaves began to drift down from trees.

4th of July weekend was a rare exception of near-perfect sunshine and warm breezes which fashioned an extra-patriotic holiday weekend.  In addition to the town of Mincoqua’s fireworks display bursting over Camp Agawak, folks around the lake put on their own shows.  C.R. writes in:

Hi!  Any chance you know who was responsible for the fantastic fireworks show on Little Blue on the 4th of July?  It was someone who lives in the channel and our kids were beyond delighted to see “real” and awesome fireworks on the lake the night.  (And as parents we were THRILLED we didn’t have to fight the traffic in town to take them there.)  I would love to thank whoever it was but have no clue who to thank!  If you know…I would love to hear.  Thanks!

Sorry, C.R., I don’t know whodunnit.  Anyone else have any idea?

After Independence Day, temperatures continued to plummet, culminating in overnight frosts and 40-degree mornings. While folks built fires in fireplaces, area wildlife romped free.  Eagle and loon activity continues to abound, and a wolf has been spotted rummaging through compost piles along Blue Lake’s southern territories.

On August 3rd, Blue Lake Pines hosted their annual Wing Fest, which, again, was a well-attended success. Despite chilly, puffy-coat weather, wings were chomped, horseshoes were thrown, ping-pong was bounced, libations were drunk, and plenty of marshmallows were roasted.

Notable real estate transactions this summer include the super-quick sale of an empty lot between the red boat house and Blue Lake Pines by a Blue Lake summer vacationer to a Blue Lake summer resident.

Did you know Blue Lake has its fair share of pilots? I count at least 5 people on the lake certified to fly everything from seaplanes to jets. Enjoy this heart-stopping video of a young Blue Laker’s adventures at the air show in Oshkosh this month:

In the Cockpit with Red Bull Stunt Pilot Kirby Chambliss and Blue Lake’s Daniel Onofryton

In these (chilly Alaskan sled) dog-days of summer, catch a couple sunny but crisp photos of the lake these past few weeks:

Sun sparkling on Blue Lake 07/29/13

Sun sparkling on Blue Lake 07/29/13

Behind the weed bed, looking east 07/29/13

Behind the weed bed, looking northeast 07/29/13

Pontoon heading around Blue Lake island. 07/29/13

Pontoon heading around Blue Lake island. 07/29/13


One Response to “A Glitch In Summer”

  1. Josef Anderegg August 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    The fireworks in question I believe were put on by the Matsche Family 7716 Blue Lake Island Road.

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