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A Letter from a Rocker… Yes!

21 Jul

From Bob Bergland, Blue Laker and founding member of rock super-group Ides of March:

Hi to all our Blue Lake neighbors and friends – I would like to extend a personal invitation to everyone to attend the St Germain “Pigs in the Pines” festival on Friday, August 6. Forty-six years ago, 3 friends and I started a rock band in high school. Little could I imagine that these same four buddies would still be performing and loving every minute of it in 2010. We just returned from a gig at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Conneticut, and leave tomorrow for Santa Cruz, CA. THEN, St Germain. We played there last year and the guys loved it, especialy breakfast at Paul Bunyan’s the next morning.  If you like rock and roll, I think you’ll have a great time. We play our hits, plus the huge rock classics that our lead guitarist/vocalist Jim Peterik wrote for Survivor and 38 Special. It should be a good time. And stop by and say hi! Bob Bergland

From your Provost:

I’ll be there and ready to ROCK!


An Owly Feast

4 Jul

An owl dines on a gourmet fresh squirrel entree in the BLMA:

Owl versus Squirrel on Blue Lake

Excellent photograph by MK, used with permission.

Pig Roast to Celebrate Betty

4 Jul


Big July Sow Chow to Celebrate the Life of an A-1 Gal

Help celebrate the incomparable Betty B. Myers and her penchant for good ol’ fashioned weenie cookouts at a down-home memorial Pig Roast on July 31st.  The feasting will commence at 4:00 p.m. at The Red Boathouse / 7704 Hacker Drive.  Pulled pork with all the fixin’s will be provided.

All are invited… just RSVP by July 10th to ensure a totally delicious experience.  RSVP through the contact page on this website or call Lizzy at 240-277-0071.

Man Seriously Injured in Tree Cutting Accident

29 Jun

A man was seriously injured in a tree cutting accident on Blue Lake after the top of the tree he was strapped to broke and came crashing to the ground on Monday, June 28th.  The man was part of a two-man tree cutting team that was felling a tall birch situated lakeside on Blue Lake Point Drive.

At 1:30 p.m., while the man was strapped to the top of the birch, the tree broke and fell down the hill towards Blue Lake, with the man still tethered to it.  The tree fell on top of his hardhat, which cracked under the tremendous force of the branch.  His partner ran to the closest available residence and summoned for help.  Katharine Onofryton, 17, who was at home on a neighboring property on Blue Lake Point Drive, called the Minocqua Police Department.  The Minocqua Police Department, in addition to the Oneida County Fire and Rescue squad, responded.  A squad car, two ambulances and a departmental pickup truck towing an ATV and a toboggan arrived to outfit the man with a neck brace and position him in the ambulance.  The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was then airlifted out of the area.

Onofryton describes the situation as, “The scariest thing I’ve ever experience when no one else has been around.”  While it is unclear whether rot contributed to the falling tree, the rest of the tree has since been cut down.

Blue Lake Wild Weather Report

27 Jun

A rash of wicked, hot and eerily still thunderstorms battered Blue Lake last week with a 4:00 a.m. lightning storm jolting folks from their beds and sending them peeking out of their windows at the crackling light show over the lake, which was accompanied by a booming and thunderous soundtrack.

A drenching downpour produced a most beautiful double-rainbow arching over north Minocqua mid-week though its visibility from Blue Lake remains unclear.

The 9 o’clock hour on Friday delivered a spine-chilling Almost Tornado which spit a concentrated sheet of deep charcoal bands from heaven to earth over Blue Lake. Vigilant Blue Lakers, including Camp Agawak, ran for basements upon spotting the Almost Tornado terrorizing Seagull Island. A Blue Laker on her way home from work drove through a blinding rainstorm to find the Almost Tornado waiting on Highway 51 at Blue Lake Road. She, and every motorist on the road, swerved into Lanes and Lounges for refuge – though, upon reassessing the situation, ultimately decided to take shelter in the more structurally-sound The Waters.  All the while, the air was strangely still and hot.  That is, a perfect tornado-y mix. Upon peeking outside two minutes later, the Almost Tornado had left the area and was racing towards McNaughton. The sky then shone with the last remnants of a blazing yellow-orange sunset.

Other weather has been either warm and sticky and overcast and calm or clear and sunny and super breezy, though much more of the former than the latter.

Loons and Turtles a’Laying

29 May

Beautiful Blue Lake, Memorial Day Weekend, 2010

All the folks who braved the holiday traffic to come up north to the BLMA this weekend have been cheering around the lake since late Thursday evening, luxuriating in idyllic conditions of low humidity, warm temperatures, refreshing breezes and plenty of sunshine.  Many full-timers and seasonal enjoyers found it particularly difficult to pry themselves away from their docks and the sparkling blue water and head on off to work in the mid-70s morning temps.  Aquafiles have been taking full advantage of waterskiing, tubing, sailboating, speedboating, pontoon cruising and fishing, among other pursuits.

Table covers snapping turtle eggs on Blue LakeWildlife was most active with a snapping turtle depositing eggs on a driveway on Blue Lake, Saturday morning, and then quickly scuttling back into the water.  The eggs were laid right by a house teeming with energetic children.  In fact, the turtle jettisoned digging a pit on a rocky Blue Lake bank for the new, sandier location.  In 50 or 60 days or so, the eggs will hatch and off the mini-turtles will go.  The adult snapping turtle will not watch over the eggs during this time.  There are concerns about a local fox discovering and feasting upon the unattended eggs but nature will just have to take its course.

Loons are also reported to have laid eggs on the loon platform habitat on the big portion of Blue Lake, near Picnic Point.  Another pair of loons have also been checking out a second platform on the other end of the lake.  If you should see these platforms, give ’em plenty of room as to not disturb the wildlife.

Families of Geese Flock to Blue Lake

26 May

Blue Lake is sporting some new waterfowl this year with two families of geese which have taken up residence on the lake.  One family has seven baby goslings while the other family has five baby goslings.  The geese can often be seen cruising the southwest waters in the early evening.  Blue Lake is a nice place to raise a family indeed.

Geese Families on Blue Lake

Photograph by JCM, used with permission.